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Competive Employement (STEP) 

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STEP is a part of the services offered by Southern Tier Industries, a division of The Arc of Chemung. This program provides multiple avenues for individuals to prepare for and become successful members of the workforce community. These avenues include: community and vocational assessments, job placement, supported employment, and on-site job training experiences. Programs are available to help enhance social skills and prepare for the supported work that affords individuals with special needs the opportunity to prepare for Competitive Employment.

Applicant Screening
STEP has the ability to assess the prospective Employee's work skills, aptitudes, and learning style. This is accomplished through an assessment process which takes approximately 2-3 hours. In this time frame, the prospective Employee will meet with a trained Evaluator who will put them through a series of tests which will allow the Evaluator to identify their potential for employment in their desired field.

Community Based Assessments
An added feature of STEP is our ability to provide an individual with an opportunity to obtain on-the-job-training. When a prospective Employee indicates an interest in a job, the STEP Job Coach will work with a local business to train and assess the individual's ability to effectively perform the required job tasks at no charge. This process typically takes place over a 2-3 week period. At the end of this assessment, the Job Coach will meet with the "host Employer" to determine if the individual met the expectations of the job description, determine their strengths, and identify barriers to success. This process assists both the Employer and Employee to determine if the individual is a good match for the job.

Competitive Employment
Once it is determined that the potential Employee is able to complete the necessary job tasks, the Job Coach will continue to meet with the Employer and Employee as needed to ensure the individual continues to meet the expectations of the job. Should job responsibilities change or the individual receives a promotion, the Job Coach will assist the Employer with training the individual in their new responsibilities. The Employer will be providing a paycheck to the Employee just like any other individual who works at this job site not through the STEP program.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) provides Employers tax savings per worker as an incentive to hire job seekers with barriers to employment. Created by the Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996, the WOTC applies to new Employees hired after September 30, 1996. Workers with Disabilities (WETC) is another tax credit independent of WOTC. Long-Term Family Assistance (LTFA) is one of three possible federal tax credits. The other two are Disabled Access and Architectural Transportation Barrier Removal Deduction.

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